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individualisiert in den 4 Dimensionen Terrain, Ski Level, Measurement und Design

UVP 2.400,00 EUR
Basierend auf den 4 Dimensionen Terrain, Ski Level, Körpervermessung und Design wird der iD4 Ski beim Kästle Händler individuell auf den Kunden abgestimmt.
Basierend auf den 4 Dimensionen Terrain, Ski Level, Körpervermessung und Design wird der iD4 Ski beim Kästle Premium Händler individuell auf den Kunden abgestimmt.

Über unsere spezielle Skifitting-Station, erfasst eine App die Kundendaten und unser Kästle Algorithmus berechnet mit dem Wissen aus 90 Jahren Skibau den optimalen Ski. Der iD4 inklusive Wunschdesign und Signaturmöglichkeit ist ab 5 Werktagen beim Kästle Premium Händler abholbereit.

*Erhältlich im Alpenraum
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iD4 is awarded with the ISPO Award 2018. 42 judges from 15 countries and three continents discussed all applications and selected Kästle iD4 to be winner in the category Snowsports – Alpine Skis.


Whether your iD4 ski prefers on-piste, off-piste or somewhere in between is up to you. Trained specialists walk you through our app and the many possibilities of our iD4 models, Made in Austria.


It does not matter how good you are at skiing, whether you are a beginner or an expert. The important thing is that we know your skiing level well, in order to build the optimal ski for you, as the KÄSTLE iD4 is specifically matched to your abilities.
We bring our experience for the correct flex and torsional rigidity from over 90 years in the ski industry and the concept of individually tailored skis from alpine racing.


Tall and male or small and female? This is not the only deciding factor when choosing the right ski. Therefore, your KÄSTLE premium dealer also calculates your BMI, body type and center of gravity.
A specially developed algorithm calculates the sidecut, length (radius), flex and torsional rigidity, rocker and mounting point. The elaborate sandwich sidewall construction, with wood core, graphite sintered base and Hollowtech 2.0, sets new standards for your iD4.




The KÄSTLE iD4 should not only have perfect skiing characteristics for you, but also reflect your taste in style. Several thousand design combinations with graphical elements from 4 themes are available at each ski-design station.
You start with a full white ski, then choose lines, snowflakes or your initials, with the option of trendy colors. You can even underscore the uniqueness of your ski with your signature