Chris Astle

Pochází zAspen, Colorado
Oblíbený sportSki Portillo, Chile
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"These guys make the best skis out there!  There is a lot of soul in these sticks and it really comes out once you click into em’.  Most certainly a more traditional ski which is tough to come by now a days.  They never break and they never disappoint."





Raised in Little Cottonwood Canyon and seem to be sticking around.  Grew up skiing around with my two older brothers and a bunch of local rippers who I still cruise around with to this date.  I went to school in the Goldminer’s Daughter lodge and skiing was and still is life cycle.  (And why I went to school everyday)  I ski raced for about 7 years and had great success but I was missing the love.

Now, I am spending my summers on the river guiding fishing and rafting just outside Glacier National Park.  The fall creates the migration back home to coach the Snowbird Ski Team where I have the privilege to rip around with some of the most ripping kids I’ve ever seen…  and, of course to enjoy the mountains I grew up in.


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