Manuel Seibald

"Only a few more meters in the ascent and a last long run with the skis into the transition zone. The pulse beats up to the throat, the legs burn. It's nice to know at this moment that no matter how hard the descent gets, I can rely on my equipment. It fills me with pride to go downhill with a pair of Kästle skis!"


He has already achieved success in several disciplines, including cycling, running and ski touring. This independence from the season also sets him apart from other athletes, whereby his main focus in winter is on ski mountaineering in the mountains.


Born in Döllach (Carinthia) Manuel completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter after secondary school and then worked for a while as a formwork carpenter. In April 2017 he moved to Lienz to work for Liebherr. Born in Carinthia, he has always been involved in sports, but only since the age of 19 has he consistently pursued competitive sports.



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