Zach Horrocks

Pochází zLake Placid, New York
Oblíbený sportAlta, USA
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"It’s been a privilege to have skied with such a great company now for 5 years. I do believe they make the best ski out there that rides as well on day 100 as well as they did on day 1. Can’t say enough about the FX106 HP in the 189. Incredible ski for just about every condition you will find in big mountain riding."




Hailing from Lake Placid, NY, Zach Horrocks is an east coast bump skier that found a home in big mountain skiing after moving to Alta, Ut. Living a two part life, he operates as a professional fisherman on the east as well as a passionate skier in the west and beyond. In the persuit of all that's good in skiing, he has competed in nearly every forum of competition including Moguls, Rahlves Banzai, and Big mountain. 




Known for hard charging and big lines, Zach has been a prominent figure of the free-skiing community traveling the world in search of the next adventure.


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