Lena Baumann

"Some people think I might be crazy to voluntarily push my limits and train hard, but that is exactly what fascinates me. It' s a great feeling to run on freshly waxed skis through the snowy forests. I just love being a cross-country skier because it makes me happy. Kästle supports me in my dream to be a world cup athlete one day."

Originally, the young Swiss athlete focused on cross-country skiing before discovering biathlon - now she practises both sports equally. She trains at the Einsiedeln Ski Club and has been a member of the regional team since 2018. She also attends a talent class where she can combine school and sport in the best possible way. 

Lena's greatest successes already include a title as Swiss vice-champion in biathlon and cross-country skiing (2020). In 2019 she also won both biathlon races of the international comparison in Pfitsch (South Tyrol), as well as the overall biathlon ranking. Her goals for the future are podium places at the Swiss Championships and many more good results.

NORDIC National Team

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