Původ značky Kästle

A constantly progressive, unconventional way of thinking, the pursuit of innovation, the love for technology and detail, the unwavering pioneering spirit - that is what we have been standing, working and living for these past 100 years. When Anton Kästle made his first pair of skis in a wainwright‘s workshop in Hohenems in 1924, nobody was aware of the milestones the brand would go on to achieve.

After the era from 1948 to 1998, which brought over 130 medals at World Championships and Olympic Games, the last two decades have seen the company adapt construction technologies from racing to be used in series production for all Kästle skis. The centerpiece of the headquarters in Hohenems is the time-honored factory, where it all began.

Today, the production site serves as a fine manufacturing facility that has become the home of the R&D division and the Alpine race department. Here, limited series and race skis for our athletes are produced with meticulous craftsmanship. Kästle products stand for performance, quality and durability.

At the second production facility based in the Czech winter sports and mountain biking mecca of Nové Město na Moravě, significant investments have recently been made to meet the high demands of manufacturing a Kästle ski.

Courageous pioneering spirit brought the KÄSTLE brand to life in 1924 and it is this very spirit that continues to shape the brand, the team today and inspires everyone to continue the story. The results are innovative products for passionate winter sports enthusiasts who believe as little in limits as we do.

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