The new TX UP

The reliable companion for aspiring touring champs!

Breathing fresh air, being connected with nature, the feeling of freedom...

Things that we have learned to appreciate, especially in the last year. No wonder that ski touring has experienced a new boom. Stable and robustly constructed, our TX UP offers the highest driving performance for experienced skiers. But also all those who want to follow this call for the first time, find the perfect companion and the necessary security for first summit experiences with the TX UP.

The TX UP is available as TX87 UP and TX93 UP. If you move mainly on slopes or in terrains with little powder snow, then the TX87 UP is the model of choice. If you already have more backcountry experience and you want to venture into deeper powder slopes, then the TX93 UP is more recommended. It's best to watch the video from our product management to learn the most important features of the TX UP series.



TX UP Line

For advanced Skiers and Beginners

The TX UP series is an adaptation of the TX line and was developed specifically for advanced skiers, for whom performance and quality of the material is important. However, du to its characteristics, the TX UP is also an alternative to the TX for beginners or for good alpine skiers who want to get into ski touring. Due to the high qualitiy standard, this ski is durable and gives you a lot of pleasure even with advanced skills. With DUAL RISE, HOLLOWTECH 3.0 and a lightweight wood core, the TX UP is designed to be lightweight and durable. In combination with the robust semi-cap construction and the brushed protective surface, it promises safety and fun in any situation. Price-wise, the TX UP is slightly cheaper than the TX, which should make your entry into ski touring even easier.

TX UP is available with following waist widths: 87mm and 93mm.

TX Line

For Intermediate and Expert Level

The TX are the highest quality skis at Kästle in the touring segment. With the innovative carbon fiberglass construction with DUAL RISE, the TX models provide maximum stability and a pleasant float. Compared to the TX UP series, the TX models are built even lighter and stiffer. With a lightweight Paulownia core, the TX are optimized for lightness, which is a big advantage on the ascent. On the descent, especially off-piste, good skiing skills are required because the rotation of the skis requires solid technique.

As an additional highlight, the TX range offers a cool effect with the new luminous HOLLOWTECH 3.0 and, above all, safety when nitghttouring.

The TX ist available with following waist widths: 77mm,87mm,93mm and 103m.

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