item no AT8216 Flat Ski

nimble and confident | lightweight with unrivaled dowhill performance

MSRP 749,00 EUR
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„Its weight is a hit, and my projects count every gram. Nevertheless, I cannot and will not sacrifice downhill performance to save weight. The TX82 is maneuverable, yet very stable at the same time. This ski is perfect for climbing steep couloirs and skiing them confidently. Surly my first choice on any tour."
Steve House
Innovative carbon construction with EARLY RISE technology and HOLLOWTECH 2.0 makes the TX82 the most agile touring ski in the KÄSTLE line. The ski impresses with unbeatable downhill performance at a minimum weight. For uphill oriented backcountry skiers that value quick ascents and nimble and stable descents.
Tip119 mm
Waist82 mm
Tail107 mm
148 cm 11,2 m1100 g/Ski
156 cm 12,8 m1170 g/Ski
164 cm 15,0 m1200 g/Ski
172 cm 16,5 m1250 g/Ski
180 cm 17,0 m1290 g/Ski

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With proven technologies inspired by racing and utilizing only the finest raw materials, we create unique skis, made in Austria, for each category. Sophisticated Sandwich-Sidewall Constructions and patented technologies create new benchmarks in performance standards.


Our patented, key technology is unique to ski manufacturing. By removing unneeded layers in the front of the ski we make the ski lighter. This results in several advantages: the ski becomes up to 30 % damper, the ski feels more stable, edge-grip is more powerful, steering is more precise and the overall weight is reduced. Beginning this year, we are equipping all skis with the larger HOLLOWTECH 2.0 — with the size of each Hollowtech adapted to individual model lines. A larger design for even better performance.


Each Kästle ski is built with the finest wood core, manufactured with precision to one-tenth of a millimeter. This allows us to control the weight, responsiveness and dampening characteristics of the ski, resulting in a high-quality, durable product. The wood type, or combination of different woods, is individually catered to each model line, based on the ski‘s intended application. We guarantee unique handling with outstanding performance.

Sandwich-Sidewall Construction

We adapt our Sandwich-Sidewall Construction from alpine racing and consider this technology a distinguishing feature of all of our models. This design gives every Kästle Ski optimal flex and torsional rigidity, creating sensitive and direct power transmission and ensuring total control, even at high speed. For the TX82 we used the SEMI-CAP SANDWICH-SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION, in which the top sheet protects the upper edge of the ski.

Elliptical Radius

Each model is designed to have its own carving characteristics, which is based on the ski’s intended application, by adjusting the radius along the waist of the ski. The shape of the Elliptical Radius determines how quickly and aggressively the ski enters and exits a turn.

Graphite Sinter Base

Kästle uses uncompromisingly high-quality UHM Graphite Sintered Bases, these are used in racing. The result: excellent sliding and wax absorption properties in a durable, long lasting base.


We build our skis with classic camber and distinguish between Standard Camber and Low Camber: With STANDARD CAMBER, the ski center is clearly elevated and the contact points to the snow are far forward and back. The effective edge is longer and the ski initiates turns more quickly and precisely.

Shovel and Tail

With the shovel and tail design, we can refine the aggressiveness of our skis.

The HOOK FREE SHOVEL is a longer shovel that is often combined with Early or Progressive Rise. With this design the contact point to the snow is moved toward the center of the ski, thus ensuring a more forgiving and playful performance.

The HOOK FREE TAIL is often combined with Dual Rise and a longer tail, with the contact point being moved toward the center of the ski. The result is a forgiving, playful performance when exiting a turn.


With Rise technology, we optimize the shovel of the ski and control its float depending on the ski’s application.

EARLY RISE improves float and enables easy handling for on-piste and all-mountain conditions.