Kästle origin

In 1924, Anton Kästle built the first pair of skis in his wainwright workshop in Hohenems, Austria – and thereby started a unique legacy. Over the decades that followed, Toni Sailer, the Epple sisters, Pirmin Zurbriggen, Tom Stiansen and countless other skiing legends would represent Kästle, in total winning 132 Olympic and World Cup medals and creating a worldwide following along the way. 

In 1998, the iconic brand unexpectedly disappeared from the market. But in 2007, thanks to an investment group controlled by Rudolf Knünz, Kästle was back on the international ski scene. Once again they were creating skis that set the benchmark for the entire industry: bringing construction technologies from racing and applying them to all-mountain skis, and developing the ground-breaking Hollowtech system.

Kästle continues to set impressive industry standards year after year. And from 2015, this has taken place back where it all began – in Hohenems. 
History made in Austria.

Since 1924 until today