Darcy Conover

HometownAspen, Colorado
Favourite spotAjax/Aspen Mountain
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"The FXs are truly an all- mountain ski - they blast through soft bumps & crud and make you feel like a hero on groomers! Kastle skis… High quality craftsmanship and materials, knowledge through experience and tradition & progressive innovations."


As a child, Darcy Conover honed her skiing technique on the icy slopes of VT, but after falling in love with life among larger peaks, she moved to Aspen and hasn’t looked back.  Ski mountaineering & seeking powder have become Darcy’s focus.  She has spent the last ten years climbing and/or skiing big peaks around Colorado & the West, 




as well as mountains in South America, Europe & Africa.  When she is not skiing she can be found filming & modeling for well known brands in the sports industry or running her baselayer company, Corbeaux.


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