Hans Honold

HometownBerghülen, Germany
Favourite spotLofoten & Greenland
Website https://www.alpinewelten.com
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"From the Arctic to the Alps to Persia, I experience a wide variety snow conditions in a single season. The Kästle FX95 has been my loyal companion since 2009 and is the perfect choice for all conditions. "


Hans Honold lives with his family in the Swabian Alps and is the founder of Alpine Worlds, a guiding service for ski tours, alpine tours, alpine crossings, trekking and expeditions. He accompanies his guests as a professional mountain guide on rock, ice and snow, to the peaks of the Alps and organizes ski tours around the globe. 




The tours can range from 0 to 8,000m. Hans likes to travel in the polar regions, where he climbs mountains with his Kästle Skis, crampons and enjoys the view.


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