Hansi Stöckl

HometownBerchtesgaden, Germany
Favourite spotLyngen Alpen
Website www.alpinewelten.com
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"Kästle is not just for skiing, but for a lifestyle of skiing and touring. Since the return of Kästle, the skis have proven themselves on many tours from Berchtesgaden to the Arctic. "

Hansi Stöckl grew up in Berchtesgaden with cross-country skis and belonged to the German Biathlon squad for several years. When, after his active career, he became a state-certified mountain guide, he discovered his passion for ski tours in distant countries thanks to lightweight touring skis.

Hansi Stöckl is the managing director of the alpine school "Alpine Welten Die Bergführer" and needs equipment that’s proven in every type weather and terrain.


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