Katja Wirth

HometownBezau/Lech am Arlberg, Austria
Favourite spotLech Zürs am Arlberg
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"I'm still a speed fan, that's why I love to ride the RX over freshly groomed slopes. This is not only fun with the RX, but also with the MX—I can let off steam while taking off on the slopes.”

Katja Wirth was World Cup racer on the ÖSV team and dedicated herself particularly to the speed disciplines. The love of speed has remained to this day, even though ski racing is history. In the meantime, there are also the crystal-clear winter mornings


in the deep snow in the high alpine, which also magically attracts her. In the fresh powder, she skillfully sketched her lines before she devotes herself to her tourism job, which leads guests around the terrain of Lech, Austria.



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