Mariá Danielová

Favourite spotHigh Tatras
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"Skiing Kästle is like skiing perfection. I have been skiing for a while now, but I never had such a professional companion by my side. Kästle erases all the worries, and thanks to that, the only thing left to focus on is my own performance. I truly believe I am way faster with Kästle skis underneath my feet."

From an early age, Maria was interested in various kinds of sport. With the support of her family, she tried many, but the one that stuck with her was cross-country skiing. Eventually, it became her priority and one true passion. In 2020 she represents her country as a member of the Slovak junior cross-country ski team. Even though her training requires plenty of time, she still manages to handle her studies.

Her primary goal for the season 2020/21 is to participate in world cups and hopefully score some points. She has already attended EYOF and the World Junior Championship. Her discipline, resilience, and hard-working attitude brought her a collaboration with Kästle Nordic.

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