Mariá Danielová

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"For me cross-country skiing is a passion and a lifestyle. In Norway it is probably one of the hardest sports to compete at a national level. With Kastle skies on my feet I have the best precondition I could possibily have. Now it is up to me to do the rest."

Marius has lived most of his life in Northern Norway, close to the city of Tromsø. He has been an active and versatile athlete from the very beginning. He started with biathlon, then continued football and gymnastics in his younger years with regional top results. From the age 15-16 he was absolutly dedicated to cross-country skiing. His first season as a crosscountry-skier was in 2018/19 with good results at a national level.

 Seasonal best for the next season 2019/2020 was an 18th place as a second year junior. The season of 2020/21 gave no national competions for juniors in Norway, but he won the regional cup (SNN cup), the regional championship in skate disiplin and was the best cross-country athlete in the region of Troms in his age class.


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