Raul Antonio Figueroa

HometownMexico City
Favourite spotSeefeld (AT) | Puerto Escondido (MX)
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"If the combination of snow, cross country skiing, a biathlon rifle and being Mexican sounds crazy, then its time to show what crazy can achieve. Kästle gets it, do you?"


Raul born and raised in Mexico City while spending couple of months every year at the Chiapas beachline, in the tropical rainforest of southern Mexico. He spent most of his childhood and youth either in mountainous area at 2250 meters altitude, or on 25 degrees sandy beaches. From humble beginnings, Raul started to compete in swimming and running races. His high endurance and altitude conditioning lead his athletic career to University and National teams in several sports. 


After his Bachelors, he moved to Germany to pursue an Engineering Master’s Degree at the Technical University of Munich. That was the first time he got in contact with winter sports. Raul is one of the Founders and Captain of the Mexican Biathlon Federation, which was recently accepted by the IBU. He has been living in Innsbruck, Austria for the last 5 years combining a full-time engineering job, PhD degree and professional Biathlete.



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