Michael Arnold

HometownAosta, Italy
Favourite spotAlaska Range- European Alps
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“In my search for a sense of purpose, and in looking to pursue my love of climbing and ski-mountaineering, I discovered mountain guiding could combinE the two. I have to be able to depend on the equipment I have so that I can keep pushing my own limits. For me, Kästle is the perfect winter partner for all my exploits in the snow.”


Michael Arnold grew up ski racing in eastern Canada. His pursuit of big adventures took him to the USA. Taking part in various courses there brought him into contact with the mountain guiding scene. Captivated by it, he embarked on a mountain guiding course aged just 23, one of the youngest at the time, and completed it 2014. Since then, he has travelled the world and enjoyed many special moments in the mountains together with his clients,



but he always keeps a keen eye out for any steep lines or chutes he can tackle in his own time. Today, he lives together with his wife in Italy’s Aosta valley. It’s where he not only discovered the love of his life, Elena, but also fell in love with the Alps, which now count as his favourite mountain playground, second only to the Alaska Range.



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