Ted Mahon

HometownAspen, Colorado
Favourite spotAspen Highlands
Website tedmahon.com
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"Kästle has always been my ski of choice— from the RX’s I had as a child learning the sport on the local hill to the high performance TX98’s I use today on the steep mountaineering peaks of the world. Their technology and reliable craftsmanship are second to none and make Kastle the clear choice for the performance-driven skier."





Ted discovered his love for skiing and Kästle as a kid on the East Coast, and proudly fell victim to the classic trap: he headed out to Aspen to ski for a season and never left. He’s on his skis every day— in the backcountry when it’s good, on the frontside when that’s the call, at the skimo event when it’s lean, or on ski mountaineering objectives when the springtime arrives. 



He's skied high summits in Greenland, Iceland, Norway, the Pacific Northwest, the Sierras, and has completed classic traverses in BC and the Alps. Back home in Colorado he’s skied the 100 highest mountains in the state, but has at least 100 more on his list that he still wants to do.


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