Tonje Healey Trulsrud

HometownLommedalen, Norway
Favourite spotRogers Pass, Canada
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"I always had a hard time choosing between skiracing and school. Therefore, studying engineering in the US while competing for the University of Colorado Ski Team was the perfect combination for me. Now, as I am transitioning into freeride I get to experience a new way of skiing. I remember the first time I tried my Kästle BMX105. I was just amazed by how stable they are in high speed. You can really ski with confidence on those skis."

Tonje is a former skiracer from Norway, and was on the National team before she left for studies in the US. She competed for the University of Colorado Ski Team, while getting a bachelors in Architectural Engineering. She always knew her skiracing career would finish with her bachelor’s degree, and suddenly she had more time for skiing outside of the resorts. 


Tonje quickly felt at home on the wider skis, new terrain, and more comfortable clothes. The pure joy and excitement of freeride skiing was hard to resist. She competed in her first freeride competition in Norway in June 2019, and after getting 3rd she knew this was something she wanted to really get into. Now, she has started her master’s degree in Sustainable Architecture, and is balancing the university time with skiing. 


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