We asked our Division Manager-Nordic a few questions about material selection and care. Markus Meister has a professional cross-country background and is an equipment guru. He explains the 1x1 of ski maintenance, what is special about Kästle skis and also has a special tip on how to get even more speed out of your ski.

Hello Markus, thanks for sharing some helpful tips about equipment maintenance with our blog readers. Let's get started right away... 


1. What are the most important preparations concerning the material before the season starts?

Between September and the beginning of November, before the season really starts, the material should be checked. Check the ski-base, edges, bindings for possible damage. The base should be covered with protective wax during the summer, so it gets time to rest. It is also important to check, whether you gained or lost some kilos over the summer, to see if the ski still fits to my body.


2. What do I have to pay attention to when buying new skis? What role do temperature and snow conditions play?

When buying new skis, I need to be aware of my own skills. This is crucial when buying new equipment, because it is important to use a ski that fits my abilities. In Central Europe, you should rather go for plus models with UNI grind. As a hobby athlete, you have a wider range of use with such skis.


3) Does a good ski always have to be expensive?

A good ski does not always have to be the most expensive one. The important thing is that the construction is tailored to the needs of the athlete. So it depends on what you intend to do with the ski. More important than the price is the right match between the performance of the athlete and the equipment features. 


4) What is your 1x1 of ski care?

The ski base should be waxed in any case! This way the ski glides better and you have more fun with it. Wax (liquid, hot wax) ensures that a better water film emerges under the ski base, what  promotes gliding of the ski. The amateur athlete thus gets more support from the ski and can implement a better technique.


5. What is your secret tip for fast skis?

Waxing with high-quality approved flour waxes! Also the additional hand structure on the base can provide an AHA experience! Especially in wet conditions.


6. Why Kästle skis?

I started my career on Kästle and won some German, Bavarian, ... titles until the 90s! Kästle used to be one of the leading brands and brings new wind into the cross-country scene again! 

Kästle, once and always!


Thank you for your time Markus!