The Kästle TX Touring Models

Lightweights with unmatched downhill performance.

As Confucius once said, the journey is the destination. The climb can be as breathtaking as the view at the summit itself. Accomplished all by yourself! Without a chairlift, without a cable car, without help. It was willpower that got you up here. What lies ahead causes you to pause for a moment. With the sight of the scenery you almost forget the effort of the ascent. And the reason why you did it in the first place: the ride down! Well deserved - it belongs to you alone. Turn after turn, taking advantage of the seemingly endless possibilities. Until you find your way back. Back to where it all began. What remains is the proud look at the summit and the certainty that this was not the last time, you came here.



TX Line


The TX are the lightest touring skis at Kästle and offer unmatched uphill performance. Thanks to their innovative carbon (fiberglass) construction with DUAL or PROGRESSIVE RISE, they provide maximum stability and a comfy float despite their lightness - even during the descent. So compared to the TX UP series, the TX models are built lighter and stiffer. Especially on the descent and especially off piste, good skiing skills are required. Turning the ski requires experience in the technique due to its characteristics.

As an additional highlight, the TX series offers a cool effect with the luminous HOLLOWTECH 3.0 - especially on night tours.

The TX is available in the following variants: TX77,TX87, TX93 and TX103

TX UP Line


With the introduction of the TX UP series, Kästle expanded the spectrum in the touring segment. For this line, the most popular existing touring models (TX87 & TX93) were developed further by focussing more on skiing performance. Slightly heavier in construction, the TX UP are easier to turn. Thus offer more comfort for downhill-oriented touring skiers. As with all Kästle models, there is no compromise on the quality aspects. Due to the high-quality and robust materials, this ski is durable and promises safety and fun in every situation. Due to its characteristics, the TX UP is thus the perfect alternative especially for beginners or good alpine skiers who like to go on a ski tour from time to time.

The TX UP is available in the following variants: TX 87 und TX93

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