3,2,1 - Dropping!


Gazing at a sea of white. A deep breath. An air. A moment of zero gravity. Like a roller coaster ride, the stomach does a little jump. The powder reaches up to your belly button today. With every turn, more snow pelts your face. Shutting your mouth would be appropriate, but how, when you cannot stop smiling from the sheer joy of it? No matter what age, no matter how deeply you obsess about the mountains, no matter where you stand on the daredevil scale – the Kästle freeride line up offers everyone its powder toy of choice.


Unlike the FX series, no Titanal is used in the ZX, which makes these ski more playful and easier to turn, off and on piste. Thanks to its strong core consisting out of two types of wood, these skis still have enormous stability in long powder turns. With three different center widths, a wide spectrum is represented. The ZX100 is the "do-it-all" option for any terrain and performance level. On the other side is the ZX115, the powder weapon for days when you sink chest deep when jumping into the white gold. In between is the ZX108, with the perfect blend of float and all-mountain performance.


Call them a freerider with race DNA! Packed with innovations, such as the new TRI-Ti Technology and HOLLOWTECH 3.0, FX Ti skis are born for the mountains. Together with DUAL RISE they are designed for perfect float through beautiful, deep snow. But if you think this is the end of the story, you are sorely mistaken. Two additional titanal layers form the heart of the FX Ti line and give the skis the necessary stability for powerful turns on hard slopes. No compromises accepted? Then the FX Ti is the weapon for the winter.


Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and therefore represents the beginning. If you turn the small alpha 90 degrees to the left, you can also see a bull’s head. The bull: strong-willed, persistent but always loyal. This is our ZX Alpha – robust and sturdily constructed, it is the faithful companion of all mini daredevils. Perfect for the new generation’s first powder days. For all the young guns who like to scare their moms.

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