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In the 1970s- Kästle celebrated an ambitious entry into cross-country skiing. Soon this turned out to become a success story. With each new patent, with every revolutionary technology, the list of successful cross-country skiers who skied on Kästle rose. Soon athletes like world champion Anette Bøe, Iwan Garanin or Jörg Thoma were under contract with Kästle. Successes do not come by chance, but are results that come from hard work. Passion is what drives us and we love the process of endless improvement. This is how we always manage to trigger fascination and enthusiasm among our customers.

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Racing Line

Racing is in the genetics of the RX models. This have been developed to compete at the highest level, while also offering the best experience on your home nordic track. Whether you‘re chasing historic wins on the biggest stage, or a personal skiing achievement — the choice is yours. We made no compromises in the construction and materials used. The RX line is ready to charge.

Performance Line

For extensive tours, that take you deep into the mountains, and the snow-covered landscapes. Ideal for when the coffee break with a snack is just as much a part of the journey as the cross-country skiing itself. An all-rounder ski without compromise. If you are looking for a ski with these characteristics, the XP line is the right choice for you.

Active Line

Jump in and enjoy. The XA line is the standard recommendation for those looking to enter into the cross-country skiing world. The robust surface and playful handling also shows the multifaceted nature of these skis. For cruisers, beginners and Kids - the XA line does everything right and works for and with the skier.

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