Pjotr Dielen

HometownPitztal, Austria
Favourite spotObertilliach
Website www.pjotr-dielen.com
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"Biathlon is my passion. In most cases only one shot decides over victory or defeat! To win everything has to work out perfectly. In this sport everything revolves around mutual trust: Coach and sportsman, sportsman and rifle, sportsman and ski! With Kästle I have found a partner who gives me exactly this trust, and I can rely on their skis."

As a person who absolutely loves winter, Pjotr moved with his family of 6 from Belgium to the Pitztal valley in Austria. For the first three years he focused on alpine skiing before he found his strength in endurance sports. His talent and ambition quickly paid off and the coaches at Stams Ski High School became aware of him. He trained for one season in cross-country skiing before switching to biathlon in the same school year. 

In his still young career, Pjotr has already celebrated several successes: three times Austrian runner-up and bronze medal winner, 4 times among the top 7 in the Alpine Cup, several times Belgian champion and a top 30 placement at the Youth World Championships. But the young Belgian still hasn't had enough! His goals: to win the World Cup and to become World Champion and Olympic Champion.

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