Handmade in Vorarlberg/Austria - KÄSTLE MX Limited

In addition to the breathtaking beauty of nature, it is the people who create something special in Vorarlberg. Artists and designers, visionaries who see their task in creating all things unique, beautiful and useful. The series "Made in Vorarlberg," developed by Vorarlberg Tourisms, portrays people and institutions that turn seemingly everyday things into the extraordinary. Fueled by good ideas and enjoyment of tinkering, with passion, devotion and vision. With the ability to inspire through handmade skis, KÄSTLE was contacted by Vorarlberg Tourism just over a year ago to take part in this great film project, among other Vorarlberg artists of everyday life.


At KÄSTLE, more than 90 years of experience in ski construction flow into the unique MX Limited — handmade in Hohenems and limited to just 500 pieces. The surface of the ski is distinguished by an exquisite native cherry tree and pressed with 35 other pieces to create this sporty, all-mountain ski. The short film series "Made in Vorarlberg" showcases the creation of this ski, from the raw materials to the end use, without spoken words or subtitles. Of course, the story comes alive—the images and emotions speak for themselves. We are proud to be part of this impressive and unique production. #visitvorarlberg #myvorarlberg #kaestleski #forskiers



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