KÄSTLE grieves for David Lama



David Lama was buried by an avalanche at the age of 28 in Canada, together with Hansjörg Auer und jess Roskelley. The grief for David and his mountaineer-colleagues within the Kästle Family is big. He was an impressive exceptional athlete, who valued professionality, more than anybody else.


"I am a wanderer and mountain climber, he said to his heart; I do not like the plains, and it seems I cannot sit still for long. And whatever may yet come to me as destiny and experience will include some wandering and mountain climbing: in the end one experienceth only oneself.”
(Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)


David joined the Kästle athlete’s team in 2015 and has been a testimonial for you TX touring-models ever since. Hardly any athlete gave us such honest and constructive feedback for our skis than David. With his perfectionistic way of life, he always questioned our ideas in order to make our products even better.

David valued his public image as a mountaineer. But hidden beneath the brand itself, lay the person, David Lama, a passionate skier and a kind and funny human being, who we were honored to meet.

Therefore, we are able to look back at and reminisce about an amazing time with David, which still makes us smile today.
In 2016 the whole Kästle Family spent the night at the Pitztaler glacier for a photo shooting. Athletes, photographers and the marketing team gathered around in a small tent at 3400 m above sea level and listened to David’s stories. He cooked us some tee from melted snow and an herbage drop and told us that it’s his favorite drink to enjoy in the mountains – we definitely could vouch for that.
We found out that only BIC pocket lighters work at 6000 m and that David never went on an expedition without bacon: “What people don’t know: your appetite gets less the higher you climb and eating can be a real torture for me, when I am on an expedition. But some bacon from Tyrol always works for me”, he joked.

Another time, he sat together with Kästle athletes Lorraine Huber, Christ Davenport and Patrick Innerhofer at a table on an alp. They were debating intensely about the diet and the liquid intake of pro-athletes. David supposed that he would hardly drink anything during the day, but in the evening he loved to enjoy 2 beers. Everyone was laughing and glad to hear that even in major sports, with all the seriousness involved, there is still some space for some fun.
A little later, as the waiter passed by and wanted to invite them for yet another round of Schnaps, David countered, in his beloved honest manner: “… no thank you, but no one honestly can drink any of your Schnaps …”. Again, his colleagues laughed and were happy that David was brave enough to say the thing, they all have been thinking.


David, we miss you! May the peace, you have always emanated to others, be forever with you.
Our heart goes out to your loved ones, as well as to those of Hansjörg and Jess.

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KÄSTLE grieves for David Lama

David Lama was buried by an avalanche at the age of 28 in Canada, together with Hansjörg Auer und jess Roskelley. The grief for David and his...

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