RS10 Skate

lightweight with natural rebound | vibration dampening

MSRP 349,00EUR
The RS10 Skate generates natural rebound thanks to its high-quality frame made of lightweight wood with a robust sandwich-sidewall construction. The wood core absorbs vibrations from the road or trail, while the carbon and fibreglass layers lend it good rigidity. The aluminium fork design, high-quality bearings and soft, solid rubber of the wheels result in a very smooth ride and natural resistance.

This is a performance roller ski for keen skate-style skiers up to 100 kg, looking for an easy way to train during the summer months.

Style: skate
Skier weight: max. 100 kg
Wheel diameter: 100 mm
Wheel width: 24 mm
Tyre material: rubber
Rolling resistance: moderate (2)
Ski weight: 950 g/ski
Ski length: 615 mm

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"The RS10 Skate not only impresses with its design, but especially with its strong wooden core, which sets the standard at the top. The roller ski works similarly to a ski on snow and thus offers a comparable sports experience in the summer."
Markus Weeger