Hannes Seebacher

"Cross-country skiing is my pure passion. Even during my school days there was nothing better than throwing my schoolbag in the corner and enjoying nature on my cross-country skis. I can simply switch off and get all the power I need when cross country skiing. To make this possible, you need the right skis, which I found at Kästle."

The young Hannes Seebacher from Bad Mitterndorf found his love for cross-country skiing through his home club, where he himself is now part of the coaching team. He competed in his first Loppets - with a distance of 10 km - at the Steiralauf, already at a young age. After a break of several years, the desire for cross-country skiing was again fully revived and was crowned with the participation in the 10km race within the scope of the Steiralauf.

The hunger for more was awakened again and so one can find him in winter outside his working hours as a construction technician almost exclusively on the cross-country ski run or waxing skis. Hannes likes to improve his skills in various areas of cross-country skiing. His goal is to constantly develop himself in all aspects of cross-country skiing.

NORDIC National Team

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