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The 21|22 Model Series explained

If you've ever wondered what Kästle MX, TX, FX, ZX and so on stands for, check out the explanatory videos for our 21|22 product series. 

At Kästle we have the ambition to enable perfect winter sports experiences on skis. It is crucial that the ski fits you and the respective purpose. The videos should help you to find your perfect ski.

You will find a video about every model line. 

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The Life Line of ...

Under the Vlog series "The Life Line of", Kästle offers insights into the exciting world of professional skiers. Ski mountaineers, freeriders and alpine racers explain why they like to be in the mountains and what skiing means to them.

   #1: Michael Arnold - alpinist & ski mountaineer
   #2: Dennis Risvoll - freerider
   #3: Griffin Post - steepwall skier (November 2021)
   #4: tba

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Lukas and Christoph, two Austrian Mountain Guides show you step by step how to start ski touring. You'll learn everything about the equipment, basic techniques, how to behave safely off-piste, and give you helpfull tips.

   #1 Introduction: the guides & the freedom of ski touring
   #2 Equipment part 1: skis, bindings, skins
   #3 Equipment part 2: boots, poles, head & eyewear
   #4 Tour planning
   #5 Back packing
   #6 Walking techniques
   #7 Gearing up to go down

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