Justine Ally

Pays d'origineLac superieur, Mont tremblant
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"Skiing makes me feel happy and light. It makes me feel powerful without any restraints. Especially on my Kästle skis I feel in complete control. For me, practicing my sport means exceeding my limits and knowing that I am strong physically and mentally."

Justine started skiing at the young age of three. Justine had a lot of energy growing up, so when she was seven years old her parents enrolled her in a gymnastics program. This is where the young athlete fell in love with acrobatic sports. Justine had a great gymnastics career, ending it in 2017 as a level 10 gymnast.

In 2018, she tried out at the RBC Training Ground event where she met her coach Rémi Bélanger. This friendly competition jump-started her freestyle aerial career.

In 2020, she participated in her first World Cup tour. She managed to make a name for herself by competing in many finals. After the 2020-2021 winter season, she officially made the Canadian team.


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