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Kästle has enjoyed a host of ski manufacturing triumphs over the past 90 years. The Austrian ski manufacturer has an illustrious heritage in ski construction, with cores built of the very best quality wood, elaborate sandwich-sidewall construction, graphite sintered bases and patented in-house technologies, like the distinctive Hollowtech, that combine to give their skis unique handling and outstanding performance. Its winter 18/19 collection was already on show back in January this year, at the world’s biggest sports trade fair, ISPO Munich. At Kästle though, there’s no standing still: the MX range is expanding by a further two models, a new racing ski is being added to the TX touring range, and there’s a limited-edition series with exquisite oak topsheets for that exclusive mountain experience.

MX range expansion
The MX range is the benchmark for all-mountain performance. Both on and off the piste, these skis are all about fun – with standout stability and edge-grip to boot. For winter 18/19, the MX range, which includes models such as the powerful MX74, the versatile MX84, and the exacting, no-compromise MX89, will see two new models join its high-calibre ranks. The new MX67 is highly flexible for a lively experience on the groomed pistes. The new MX99, on the other hand, is geared towards the backcountry, always looking for that pristine line, away from the crowds. As with all skis in the MX range however, it’s the characteristic stability and edge-grip of these two new models that maintains the benchmark status of the MX range.


Taking it on tour

Kästle’s touring ski offering is also set to expand. The skis in the TX range are extremely lightweight, but unbeatable when it comes to downhill performance. Winter 18/19 sees the arrival of the TX65 HP for ambitious ski-mountaineers. This one’s all set to grab a SkiMo World Cup medal. Despite being incredibly lightweight, the downhill performance is second-to-none and with two layers of carbon, it is also stable and precise at racing speed. The popular TX82 remains part of the range. Both on the uphill and downhill, this ski is exceptionally manoeuvrable, yet stable. The versatile TX90 will also keep the touring vibe alive, and with the TX98 a relaxed skin up the mountain is followed by a playful, grin-inducing descent. There is a set of skins to match each model. With its new MULTIFIT ATTACK Kästle is introducing a silicone- and glue-free skin onto the market. Special adhesive technology means that these skins stick to the base of your skis, no matter what the conditions, and do not require backing foil when packed away. They are easy to maintain, easy to use, and fit all Kästle ski models.


Limited-edition piste, all-mountain and freeride skis
We’ve named them Scala, Proto and Supra – after Kästle models of yesteryear ­– and a maximum of 500 pairs of each will be produced. Their individual series numbers and beautiful oak topsheets hint at the skill and heritage expertise that has been ploughed into these one-of-a-kind skis. A steel edge that runs around the skis’ top circumference is a patented technique used by Kästle. Not only does it protect the carbon layers, the topsheet and the gleaming white copper wires that are incorporated into the topsheet, but it also adds stability. Kästle will hand build a minimum of thirty pairs of these limited-edition skis, in their Hohenems headquarters’ manufacturing site. The SCALA model is an elegant yet lively carving ski that feels right at home on the groomers. It is forgiving but also has impressive performance at high speeds. The PRONTO model is tempted by the adventures to be had away from the pistes and deals with whatever the terrain throws at it, with grace and authority. It’s smooth in the backcountry and bomber on the groomers. The SUPRA makes skinning up the mountain gloriously easy and the descent the stuff of dreams, with its Early Rise specifically geared toward generating extra float in powder.


Collection 2018/19




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