Bene Puff

“For me, cross-country skiing is the most beautiful and elegant way to get around. Cross-country skiing gives me a feeling of freedom and the possibility to explore and push my physical limits day by day. It is a privilege to be able to practice this sport and to be supported by Kästle, the ideal partner.”

Biased by his sport-loving family, Bene has been on cross-country skis since the age of 3. After initial attempts at bambini and children's races, he initially focused on other interests such as handball and football. However, in his teenage years, the young Raublinger's ambition became more and more apparent. 

After several years of health problems, he has been trying to get back into racing since last winter. His focus is mainly on public cross-country races in the alpine region and regional competitions, but he also plans to start in the Visma SkiClassics race series for the Ski Marathon Team Austria next winter. In the summer he can always cause a stir, especially at various mountain running events.

NORDIC National Team

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