Sebastian & Kilian Huber

"What could be better than father and son sharing the same passion for endurance sports and competing together in the major public ski races, triathlons and runs. Since there is also a great interest in the equipment, extensive ski tests and hours of waxing and tuning the skis together as well as appearances at test events are unavoidable."

Sebastian (da Voda - German dialect word for "the father") actually started endurance sports at the age of 15 as a late starter. The beginnings as a cross-country skier were rather challenging. Only the participation in the first roller ski race showed hope. From 1987-1998 he focused on roller-skiing as his main sport, with successes as multiple German Champion and World Cup participant. With the birth of Kilian, he cut short his career and devoted himself to the public cross-country races on the marathon distance. Kilian was involved in all activities from an early age. After moderate successes as a cross-country skier (he was always the smallest), he devoted himself exclusively to football for a longer period of time, where he was given more talent.

After several years in higher class clubs, an injury led him to start again with endurance sports. Sebastian has been working for the sports industry for many years as a supervisor of events and as an instructor for the German Ski Association for the Nordic disciplines. Kilian followed in his father's footsteps and worked for a ski wax company for some time. Meanwhile, the two of them start as the team "da Voda and da Bua" (German dialect for "the father and the son") at many endurance events and are proud to be able to rely on cross-country skis and roller skis from Kästle.


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