Meg Lane

LieblingsspotSawtooth Mountains, Idaho
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"The weightless glide over new tracks, the squeaky crunch of each stride, the rhythmic swish of pole plants: there’s nothing like cross country skiing. In the tranquil forest or at the tense start line, I love the freedom of moving on my skis. With the impressive stability and maneuverability of the Kästle RX10, the feeling is better than ever!"

Meg first stepped on skis as a toddler at age 4, pulled by a family of snow enthusiasts. When the family moved to the skiing mecca of Switzerland before Meg started high school, it was a chance to dive into the sport on a new level. Meg quickly fell in love with the joy (and pain) of cross-country ski training and went on to compete for a leading college ski team in the US.

Now studying in Germany, Meg splits her time between her favorite training mode of long runs in the mountains and “training” Machine Learning models. This winter, Meg aims to fight for the podium at local and regional marathon races.

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