Andrew Rumph

"Kästle uses the highest quality materials to make the most innovative, technical, and best performing skis in the industry. They are the perfect skis for me in any terrain or condition. My favorite Kästle is the FX106 HP."





Andrew Rumph has been obsessed with skiing since the age of 5. After he straight lined the bunny slope at Shawnee Mountain, Pennsylvania, he has been hooked ever since. Today, Rumph skis all year round. He is based in Aspen, Colorado, and Ski Portillo, Chile, where he is a ski instructor/coach/guide. He also competes in Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) competitions around the world. 

Rumph is passionate about the outdoors, sustainability, traveling, and spreading his love for skiing. He continues to push his limits and gain knowledge.  In years to come look for Rumph charging hard while spreading his insatiable love for skiing.


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