Riccardo Olliveri

LieblingsspotMonterosa ski, Prali
Website www.mountain-passion.com
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“When I was young, my first love was the MX98. But then things changed, time passed and my love got bigger – with the BMX108. Now, my relationship is more stable, but still a BMX, the 105. From now on, I think, my feelings will never change. “


Riccardo appreciates all mountain activities, from rock and ice climbing to freeriding and steep skiing. He has been opening several new lines on his mountains and repeating a lot around the world. He loves travelling and whenever he has the opportunity to organize a sports trip, he gets crazy. His one and only mission: exploring!


Riccardo Olliveri was put on skis by his father the same year he started to walk. His passion for skiing never decreased since. Therefore, he canceled his plans to become an engineer – a title he received back in 2000 - and became a mountain guide instead, turning his passion into his profession.

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